Due to the increase in pixel failures in 2020, Pixel Report was formed by a group of consumers in the holiday lighting hobby.

We aim to improve the QUALITY and SAFETY of pixels.

We vote with our wallet. 
We must make better choices that 
favor quality over price.

What should you look for in a pixel vendor?

  1. Don't look for the cheapest price
    You will get what you pay for.  You sacrifice safety and quality when you opt for the cheaper pixel.  Invest in a choice that will protect your family, and your home.  Don't risk it.

  2. Ensure your vendor has history selling pixels, and is well-known in the hobby
    Do not buy from new or untested vendors. New vendors may be out of business when issues arise.

  3. Be cautious buying directly from China
    Purchasing directly from China limits your protections if issues arise, especially when dealing in larger quantities.

  4. Do not pay with Paypal Friends and Family
    You may be offered a discount if you pay via "Paypal Friends and Family", however, you lose all recourse if something goes wrong.  If a vendor is pushing you to pay with Friends and Family, that may be a red flag.

What do we request of the pixel vendors? 

  1. Pixel strings should have a conspicuous lot number, or date of manufacture printed on the wire, PCB or affixed with a tag
    It should be readily apparent the vendor of a pixel string and the general time frame of manufacture, so problems can be correlated and trends founds more easily.

  2. Pixels should not have a failure rate greater than 1 pixel per 1,000
    Failures can occur when you test in your garage, or well into the season.  Regardless of when a failure occurs, there should not be a failure rate that exceeds 1 per 1,000 in a season.

  3. Pixels should not catch on fire
    If your pixels are catching on fire, it could be a manufacturer issue, or it could be unique to your setup.  Regardless, pixels should not catch on fire; please report any fires to this site right away.

  4. Where possible, fire resistant materials should be used
    Where possible, fire resistant materials can help avoid serious safety issues.  Nothing is fool proof, however, this is a helpful step. 

  5. Provide more transparency with regards to true wire gauge
    It is well known in the hobby that wire gauges that are reported from China are not accurate; let's change that.

  6. Respond to issues in a timely manner and perform root cause analysis to wide spread issues
    If an issue is identified with a specific product or vendor, the seller should provide a detailed report that explains what the issue is, how it was identified, how it was resolved and what lot numbers may have been affected.