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  • Do you certify pixels?
    No. This site is managed by a group of consumers dedicated to informing the public. Pixel Report is not performing hardware certifications. We rely on you to submit failure reports so we can find trends as quickly as possible.
  • I have an issue with my vendor, can you talk to them for me?"
    Pixel Report does not perform one-on-one arbitrage between consumers and vendors. The goal is to gather data and find trends when quality is failing. Please ensure you are communicating any issues directly with your vendor.
  • Can you inspect my lights?
    We are here to gather data, inform, and report. There are members of our team that are open to providing a second opinion.
  • Which vendor should I choose?
    We make every effort to stay as impartial as possible. Please choose based on what you feel is the best choice for you. We highly recommend you do not make pixel purchasing decisions based the lowest price.
  • Should I order 5V or 12V pixels?
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